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Primary students will return on Wednesday 6th Jan 2021. Secondary students years 7 - 11 will return to school on 11th Jan 2021. Click Covid (Jan 2021) for info.

Assessment at Grange Academy

Grange Steps use 'I can' statements, which build up as points over the course of the year, identifying small increments as well as leaps in progress. In all cases we use the Grange Steps to inform pupils’ pathways and ‘I can’ statements are clearly linked to KS4 qualifications. As such, these steps capture pupil's diverse learning profiles and age-related abilities. All of which are monitored through challenging targets based on their comparative abilities.

Different 'starting points' (using baselining data) are important to know in order to chart expected termly progress and to intervene where necessary to support the pupils’ learning.

Grange Steps is used for each child from KS1 through to external examination accreditations, enabling children's strengths to be mapped at whatever point they meet. It is a flexible system, easy for teachers to understand and work with, whilst also reflecting the requirements of the new national curriculum and new external examinations. Pupils are assessed using both formative and summative methods. A termly summative sheet is produced for all subjects as well as an overall judgement on pupils’ social, emotional and behaviour achievements. Through this process teachers are able to identify any underachievement or barriers to learning and any additional bespoke interventions are administered accordingly. This tracking ensures that all pupils are on target.


In all cases teachers will ensure that high expectations of all pupils are aligned with their individual abilities. Realistic decisions are made as to whether pupils are able to access exams and particular qualifications.

These include:

  • GCSEs
  • Level 1 and 2 qualifications
  • Functional Skills
  • Entry level Certifications
  • Entry level Awards
  • NCFE qualifications

New GCSE examinations are challenging for some of our pupils with them being linear courses, with little/no coursework but examinations at the end of a two-year course. Where pupils are able to we prepare them for formal examinations. Pupils are able to access exams with additional support such as prescribed readers, scribes, electronic reading pens and with additional time.