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Primary students will return on Wednesday 6th Jan 2021. Secondary students years 7 - 11 will return to school on 11th Jan 2021. Click Covid (Jan 2021) for info.

t Grange Academy we assess our pupils using the Grange Steps. These have been devised by our school using the EYFS Profile, National Curriculum, Entry Level Qualifications, Functional Skills Qualifications and GCSEs. The steps range from step 1 to step 30 and each step is broken down into 10 further statements to make learning achievable and progress possible. The steps inform our planning and enable us to vigorously assess the pupils throughout the year. In addition, we are able to monitor progress and target learning. This has an impact on our planning and teaching and enables us to implement intervention and support on an individual and small group basis, in and out of the class.

The steps are as follows:


Maths Homework

The maths homework books have been devised using the Grange Steps to enable the pupils to complete work at home to support their learning in school. The books cover 3- 5 steps each and are differentiated so they can be covered over time and the pupils can pick work appropriate to what they have learnt or are learning. If the pupils want, they can choose to complete work from a lower step as revision.