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Email:  grange@biltt.org

Primary students will return on Wednesday 6th Jan 2021. Secondary students years 7 - 11 will return to school on 11th Jan 2021. Click Covid (Jan 2021) for info.

Grange Academy Local Advisory Board (LAB) Members

Our Local Advisory Board (LAB) meets once every term to discuss school business and monitor progress in meeting school improvement targets. The Chair of LAB keeps in close contact with the school throughout the year and meets regularly with the Head of School. 

LAB members visit regularly and attend charity fundraisers, wellbeing days, parents evening and other events throughout the year. LAB members regularly attend Pupil Parliament meetings and discuss key issues with pupils. Safeguarding procedures, policies and cases are monitored by the safeguarding LAB member.

The LAB monitors the progress of the School Development Plan and works with the Head of School in managing the school’s budget and resources.  Heads of Departments and subject leads attend LAB meetings and report on key strengths and development points.

LAB members are encouraged to attend training especially training which is linked to school improvement objectives.

Our LAB currently comprises:

  • Mrs Gill Lake – Chair of LAB/Safeguarding
  • Mrs Catherine Whalan – Teaching, Learning and Assessment
  • Mr Matthew Bradshaw – Health and Safety
  • Mrs Nikki Horner – Staff Member
  • Mrs Janet Bodily
  • Captain Geoff Bradley
  • Councillor Meryl Dolling
  • Ms Catherine Assink – Head of School
  • Mrs Val Pendall – Clerk

Register of interests

No members of our LAB have any relevant business or material interests.

We are always looking to recruit LAB members. For details please contact Val Pendall LAB clerk at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Mrs G Lake
Apptd:  01/09/17
Expires:  31/08/20

Mrs Catherine Whalan
Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Apptd:  5/12/17
Expires:  4/12/20
Mrs Janet Bodily
Appt:  16/05/19


 Mrs Val Pendall